Peace is…
Stillness, Quietness, Calmness,
It’s the stillness of the waters at the stream at dawn
It’s waking up to the chirps of birds as opposed to the cries of guards.
It’s the gentle movements of twigs by the stream
And the joy of mothers knowing there’ll be water to drink for their children

Peace is…
Tranquility, Serenity, Security
It’s the assertion that the war is over
It’s getting to watch the waves calm after a storm
It’s like that quiet moment before you sleep
When you’re sure that the bloody waters at the stream,
Will be clear when you rise tomorrow

Peace is a state of mind.
It’s that silent prayer that unites a team after a tough game
It’s the smiles of soldiers after a victory
It’s the shouts of children at play
And excitement of their folks at pay day

Peace is…
Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Harmony
It’s the absence of conflict
And the amicable resolution of any that arise
Peace is about the process and the results of a contest
Peace is about you and I
Living together in unity and harmony