She had a weird appreciation for knocks. Simple knocks on her door rose the hairs on her skin and made her heart dash. Knocks startled her in an interesting way. She enjoyed doing random guesses in her head about possible visitors before she opened the door. She made guesses about what they would want and on whether they would be good guests. She always wanted to be a good host so she practiced her part of the conversation that would ensue before she opened the door. She knew what to offer the guest even before she touched the door knob. And her sixth sense always hinted at whether she would enjoy hosting the guest or not, right after she straightened her dress and made a final check at the mirror.

She regarded knocks as mysterious and the obscurity sometimes made her shiver. She had imagined many possible scenarios and had crafted a method to deal with them. Sometimes she saw a jilted lover aiming a gun at her head on the other side of the door while other times she shuddered to know that death was only a knock away. Other times she saw a prince looking for the owner of the glass slipper and she imagined that the man of her dreams was only a knock away. Knocks brought mixed feelings sometimes especially when she was dating someone and her mind was already bringing another man to the picture. They left her guilty at times and she wondered if it was wrong to wish for better than what she already had.

Knocks were somewhat symbolic. She knew that sometimes whoever her heart really longed to see was not at the door but she hoped anyway. Many times the knocks disappointed. Some guests did not even want to be let in so she often gulped down the refreshments before she slept and made more the next day. The sad part was in knowing that the best things came when she wasn’t looking yet she couldn’t keep herself from anticipating. She couldn’t pretend not to have heard a knock and neither could she ignore someone who had graced her doorway. She couldn’t stop her heart from getting excited at the prospect of meeting someone new every time there was a knock yet she felt that they probably weren’t the best if she anticipated them to be. Well, considering that opportunity is said to knock once on every man’s door, how would she distinguish between an opportunity knock and a normal knock if the excitement was the same?

Knock! Knock!