I had not planned on falling for her. I was happily married; I wanted to start a family. But she was too intriguing for me to ignore. She had captivated me from the first moment I had seen her. She had walked in to the office and the world had gone still for a few seconds. Every eye was glued to her as she walked in her high heels, her skirt clinging to her hips.  I knew she was the for the job vacancy, I was mesmerized and I hoped my boss was too. Working with her would be a dream come true.

I met her at the elevators on her first day at work. I enjoyed pushing up next to her as we rode the elevator up to the fifth floor. I suddenly looked forward to work, looking for all excuses to be next to her. Her short skirts were a pleasant distraction to me as we worked on projects. Her perfume lingered in the air long after she left the room, driving me into a world of fantasy. Her lips curving into a seductive smile as we flirted. I was happily married; I should not have been flirting. When she had started it, I had gone along with it; I was now at the point where I had to have her. I wanted one night with her, maybe my head would clear up and my obsession would die down.

I took the bold step and invited her to my home. The ring on my finger should have stopped me, but the fact that I was crossing the line to taste what I knew I shouldn’t have was exciting. She came over for an intimate dinner which ended with us cuddling on the sofa. I knew I had one chance to make my move, if I blew it; this would be the end of a great working relationship. I leaned in and kissed her, she didn’t resist and I knew I could go as far as I wanted that night.

I had waited for months for this moment. The moment where I would have her next to me, driving me insane with her touch. Clothes flew around as we undressed, moans filling the room. At the back of my mind, I knew I should stop, that I was doing something wrong. I was not to have this love. This did not stop me, I had held back for so long. I had given in to society’s rules, married the person they chose for me. This one time, I was choosing my lover, deciding for myself what I wanted.

As our moans of passion sounded in the apartment, the door knob turned and in walked my husband.