I saw you with him today
And it killed me
Promenading down the street
He was whispering in your ear
Making you giggle
Like I used to
You were flirting and flaunting
Your apparent happiness
I, hapless; happy-less
Watching with wistful eyes
You with him.

Your eyes alive with animation,
They sparkled like azure jewels
Set in their brackets of silver
As your subtly-toned eyelids fluttered
Like the graceful wings of a butterfly –
Your skin is as smooth chocolate
Dripping with tantalisation
Teasing my hungry eyes –
“Have a taste…”
Your lips; a cluster of cherries
Which taste of the sweetest juice
And you laughed, you blushed –
Like a strawberry infusion
To colour the chocolate cheeks –
As if you knew that I was watching
And enjoyed the torture…

Those eyes…
They once shone only for me
Those lips…
They once smiled only for me
That skin…
It once glowed only for me…

But now are for another
And I watched you walk down the street
But your beauty is wasted on him;
He guarded you like a wolf
Dragging his prey down from the hunt
He eyed you like a lion;
He stalked you like a cheetah
He laughed, but his eyes’ glint
Was that of a man who smells the dinner
And rubs his hands in anticipation…

Your beauty is wasted on his eyes;
Already I can see
He couldn’t wait
To unwrap his tasty, rich, delicious, new
Chocolate bar
And eat it all up in one gobble.