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I walked down the street for the hundredth time. Johns passed by, trying to get my attention but I was not here for that. I had spent too much time in my prison, I was about to break free. As I walked, I remembered what had brought me here, why I was on this mission.

As a 16 year old I had a huge crush on my maths teacher. He was young, funny and friendly to us. He was nice to me, paid me the extra attention I never got from anyone. He listened to me and made me feel special. It was not long before I was exchanging kisses with him. I knew it was wrong but he calmed me down, told me he loved me and this was right. I had never been in love, I gave in to everything he said.

I remember the first time we had sex. I was a virgin, terrified of what was about to happen but he made me feel special and relaxed. I thought it was love. I gave him my body without reservation. I was his in all ways. When we were done he told me to go back to my dorm, tell no one about what had happened. Confused and hurt, I ran off.  I should have stayed away for good.

He called me to his office the next day. We talked and he asked me to forgive him for sending me off like that. We made a date for a secret rendezvous that night. We made passionate love under the stars in the school field. This was to be our routine for the next few weeks.

I woke up  one morning with a pain in my stomach. The nurse said I was pregnant, the doctor confirmed it. My parents begged me to tell them who was responsible, the principal expelled me.  I was beaten by my father, for ruining my future for not telling them who took advantage of me. I was in love, I could not tell them and let them lock him up in prison. I snuck off and went to tell him the good news, we were having a baby.

He laughed in my face, asked me if I was sure he was responsible. He kicked me out and told me to never return, I was a cheap slut trying to blame him for my not being able to say no to men. I was all alone, the father of my baby did not want me, my parents were angry at me.  I had no one to turn to, no one to help me.

I had my baby and my parents kicked me out. I was an embarrassment. With no place to go, I did the only thing I could think of, I sold my body for sex. I got enough money to feed me and my baby. The anger and hurt of my situation changed me. I was living and breathing but I was no longer alive.

Today I roam the street, not looking for sex but looking for him. I know he comes here to find pleasure. I have it all worked out in my head. He will pay for ruining my life. I reach into my pocket to make sure my gun is still there. I am on a mission, my life ended because of him, I must return the favor. I seek revenge for my pain. Maybe then I will find peace.