He’s tall, dark and handsome. Fits neatly into the exclusive club of the ‘sculpted out of rock’ which the rest that fall into the ‘formed out of clay’ can only wish to be in. I see him see me watching him watching me. Are those chills? Yes! He just proved to me that piercing eyes exist beyond the realm of books. Perhaps I’ve never noticed coz my face is always buried in a book. Oh no, he’s walking up to me! I have to show him my good side.

I grab ‘Othello’ from the shelf but quickly put it back. That is a bit morbid. I am morbid but I don’t want him to know that just yet. ‘The Importance of being Ernest’ is my final pick as he comes up to me. That should show off my witty sense of humour. He’s looking for a book to buy his sister for her birthday and is wondering if I can help him pick out something. “Sure,” I coo.

Animated is a nice way to describe how I carry on in a conversation about something I’m passionate about. I rein myself in by thinking myself a cloud with a seatbelt on. After a couple of laps round the bookshop, he still hasn’t decided on any book. I ask him to just pick out one of his favourite reads and let that inspire his choice. He shrugs and goes, “I don’t really read.” I hear myself shrieking, “What do you mean you don’t really read?”  He goes off on a book ridiculing spree and the words push me into a suffocating corner of near insanity.

Why would anyone who can read not read? (The newspaper and that list on that blog do not count!) No way can I date a man that doesn’t read. It’s on the list (yes, I have one and don’t pretend you don’t) right up there with God-fearing and caring. Am I being unrealistic/shallow/not serious because I must have a reader ‘lover’? I don’t think so! Here are my reasons:

  • I’m a writer. Are you going to not read my work? How will you even know if it’s any good since you have no reading history to compare it to?
  • Let’s say we make it all the way to wedding bells, it’s going to be weird every night when I’m reading and you’re not.  Are you going to ask me to switch off the lights and put away my book?
  • If we have kids, I suppose I’ll be in team alone as I try to instill a reading culture in them?
  • Who will I share my excitement or heartbreak with when the story takes me on a journey I never anticipated? It’d be great if we both read the book and could talk about it.
  • Does that mean no book club? I wouldn’t want to go alone.
  • I have a bunch of ideas for cool bookshelves that I’d love to put up in my house. I’d need input on the book selection.

He interrupts my thoughts saying he’ll buy her one of those love story types since that’s what all women read anyway. His eyes suddenly aren’t piercing. I pick up ‘Othello’, turn and head to the counter. I hope he thinks I’m morbid but then again, how would he when he probably hasn’t read the book.  He catches up with me and asks me out to lunch. I almost say yes but that annoying voice in my head stops me. Prince Charming not only has a sword but also a book!