By Kenyanese

In a span of 5 days, I have read both of Khaled Hosseini’s books. Each tragic in their own way. What gripped me from these two stories are the endless challenges faced by the children, women and men of Afghanistan under the inhuman regime of the Taliban.

Before these books, stories and wars of Afghanistan were things I watched on TV and forgot immediately. These books made their troubles come alive for me. The war might have subsided but war has this thing of never ending. The women in some regions still oppresed, the men forced into a life they did not wish for themselves, their brothers, their fathers and their sons.

These books made me weep for Sohrab, made my heart bleed for Laila, Miriam, Aziza and Tariq. How I prayed Laila and Miriam would get the strenghth to kill that retched Rasheed! And when Miriam got the strength, she fell to the bullet of the Taliban.

I realized Sohrab, Laila, Miriam, Aziza and Tariq are actually real people out there. Unfortunately, so are Rasheed and Assef.

And I feel ashamed for my country which God has found favour in. Guided by the selfishness of a selected few, drowing it in a sea of impunity when He has provided us with all the tools against such wickedness.

And I see with the eye in my heart; Sohrab, Laila, Miriam, Aziza and Tariq. Struggling. Surviving.

I feel a need to pray for them, humbled that mine is just a simple prayer for people I will never meet. But I speak their names and joinn the others out there who I know for sure are praying for them.

I pray for you, Afghanistan. I pray for you, Syria. I do not know your pain and I pray never to know it.

I pray God to shine His light upon you.