I fell for her eyes, the windows to her soul
drew back the purple shades and got lost in nirvana.
They gleamed like stars on a backdrop of darkness
shining like beacons to the honesty of my affection.
Her smile gave me strength like a silver full moon
beauty and the beast.
Ignorance was bliss
to the fact that all love tales end in tragedy,
she became the poison to Romeo’s demise
the dagger to Othello
the poisoned wine to Claudius
the razor that shaved off Samson’s hair.
You can never change the wind
when it blows over dung, a wise man holds his nose
and with the weight of the world on my shoulder
I sought an atlas
to seek the corners of the earth
for the mastermind terrorist whose arrow
had my heart crashing like the Twin Towers
with gravity as his able accomplice.
This coldplay on Delilah’s shoulders
leading the symphony to death and all his friends
where once was yellow.
Playing check mate with the reaper
so till death does me depart
wake me up when September ends.
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