LailaNdinda and I are working on setting up a book sharing initiative where people can come and pick a book they like in exchange for a book they own.
The intended goals of the initiative are:
1. To promote reading.
2. To expand the base of books available to Kenyan readers.
3. To provide a platform where readers can share the books they love with other bibliophiles.
4. To bring the reading community in Kenya together.
The initiative will be based at the Ihub.
This idea was inspired by similar projects in Paris, France and Bogota, Colombia.
We are looking for people to come on board and join the core team and also test out the concept. The core team and the initial participants will be required to contribute a couple of books each to get the project started.
If you are interested in joining this initiative just email: .

Bus stop library – Paris, France


Bus stop library – Bogota, Colombia