Everyday is a battle
because the voices get so loud.
They find fault in something
in which i am oh so proud.
When I write, they talk loud
when I don’t, they talk louder,
almost always discontent
my confidence to write they slowly devour.
One sure way I know to quiet them
at least for a little while
is a vodka and coke, preferably on the rocks
just the thought of it makes me smile.

I know it isn’t the best
seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle.
but man, it feels so good
pumping the brakes when the voices are going full throttle.
Oh sweet sweet intoxication,
oh wonderful vodka and coke.
if only you didn’t fry my brain cells
but instead my writing fire you stoked.

It’s a wonderful world,
mine is,
living my dream,
being a writer.
I hear voices,
I deal with this thirst.
When I choose this road,
didn’t realize how much it sometimes hurts.

© MM