26,280,000 minutes
438,000 hours
18,250 days
2,600 weeks
600 months
50 years

She was beautiful beyond description, intelligent and stern
Faithful to the students she taught and to her family
A strong educated woman, a rock to many and a gem
More than a wife, a life partner and trusted advisor and a homemaker
What’s half a century, if she’s got a love this strong?

He was strong willed, determined and handsome too
Faithful to his God, his wife and his colleagues in the Railway service
A motivated man, eager to build a legacy and a life for himself and his children
Negotiating bride price, building a roof over her head and loving & protecting
What’s half a century, if he’s got a love this strong?

Shone like the sun, generous as the portion of ngwacii
Hot as the masala tea, warm as the Mediterranean sea
Faithful to the children she taught and to the family at large
Raising a strong quartet of women and moulding a young man
What’s half a decade, if we’ve got a love this strong?
What’s another half century? It means everything if God above blesses this bond.

Written & Performed by Mark Kaigwa at his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.