By Shiro Gaitho

She was an ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life. In an ordinary boarding school, wearing an ordinary uniform. It was an ordinary day. But something extraordinary happened. She’s never spoken about it.

It’s about 5.30pm. It’s been a long day, sitting in class all day is not fun when you couldn’t care much for chemistry (though it was fun the day they mixed all sorts of chemicals in the lab and came up with the prettiest yellow and gold glitters). She’s tired. All she wants is a shower, a snack, and a nap before going for prep. That, and she badly needs to pee. Never heard of the term ‘incontinence’ before, she only knows that when she needs to pee, she needs to pee. Now!

She rushes to the hostel. She’s not in the mood for small-talk today. It’s been a hard one. She can barely remember what’s been taught in class. All she could think of the whole day was her boyfriend. See the thing is, this is her first proper boyfriend. She met him through a mutual friend, and fell in love. She’s heard it called puppy love. She doesn’t know why because the guy is perfect, at least in her eyes. And he looks nothing like a mutt. He’s tall and slim. And has the most gorgeous smile ever.  Then there’s that twinkle in the eye when he smiles, and the way he holds her close when it’s time to say bye.

She doesn’t remember the walk to the hostel. Her thoughts are consumed by him. She’s upset. Upset because her belief in religion is telling her she has no future with him, because she’s Christian, and he’s Muslim. She knows that when she sees him at the end of that term, she has to break up with him. See they’ve broken up before because of that. But they always come back to each other. Like there’s a force that can’t keep them apart. Her young mind cannot fathom the thought of leaving him. Leave him for what? For who? He’s a fine man. She knows it. Her friends know it. And the best part is, he doesn’t know it. Plus she doesn’t want to see him with anyone else, even if she leaves him. Her fragile heart would break, break like her mother’s crystal vase did when she turned on the music too loud and the vibration from the wall unit made the heavy vase fall and shatter into a thousand useless pieces.

But now there’s another vibration. She’s in her cubicle. Her bag is on the desk. She’s seated on her bed, staring out the window. She’s convinced she can see his face in the clouds. She sees his smile. She smiles. She doesn’t want to leave, but she needs to go and pee because if she doesn’t, she’s scared she’ll wet herself.

So she rocks herself on her bed. Rocks herself like she’s done so many times before, buying time and willing herself to control her bladder. Back. And forth. She can still see his face in the clouds. She can feel the pounding in her heart. The same way she feels every time she’s about to see him. Back. And forth. He’s still smiling at her. She’s in her own world now, where she’s with him. And he’s holding her close, telling her never to leave him.

Then she stops rocking. She’s ready to get up and go pee. But wait. There’s something. The most delicious feeling rising up from her lady bits. She’s never felt like this before. She doesn’t know what’s going on. But she knows she wants it to last. It feels like the most delectable thing you ever tasted. It fills her. And it’s only getting stronger. Her legs tremble. She shudders. And the flower that was blooming opens and engulfs her in its lightness. She feels like she’s floating. Then it’s over. It’s been a few seconds. She doesn’t know what the hell that was! But she loved it. She looks up, his face is gone. But the sky is the bluest she’s ever seen it. She gets up and has to steady herself, because her legs are still trembling but she’s got the most delicious feeling and her body’s tingling all over.

She walks out of her cubicle. She’s blushing. But it’s ok, because the sky is blue, and she no longer is, because she just came.