By Ngartia

Give thanks, again, it’s Sunday.
It’s been hectic to this day.

From messy Monday with its blues,
Hangovers, hangups and work troubles.

To the terrific day, definitely better,
They flashed tits to tweeps on titty Tuesday’s twitter.

Whacky Wednesday wasn’t wasted, we got Ashes,
Remembered Christ, genuflected and carried crosses.

Then thigh Thursday thwarted the
feigned sainthood
Slits walked by, our erections we
willingly withstood.

Friday found few flitting from offices,
We raved, got wasted, and filled their orifices

Saturday’s sunrise surprised some in foreign sheets,
but we watched movies, slept then partied to bits.

Now we give thanks as we sleep the whole day…
What???! Isn’t it enough that we
worshiped on Ash Wednesday?