I’ve been mulling over setting up a book club for a while now. I did almost set up one last year that was meant to meet every few months to discuss a book that we’d all read. It didn’t quite take off. Some of the people I’d invited to join the book club didn’t like my first book choice, some couldn’t afford buying the book and others were too busy then to finish reading the book on time.

I’ve decided to give it another try and this time I’ll start small and online. Instead of picking a book that everyone would read, the members of the book club would share their thoughts [with each other] about books they’ve read or are reading via email. With time, maybe, the book club will morph to include an offline meetup but in the meantime it will be online based.

Are you interested in joining?


To join my book club’s google group just click on this link https://groups.google.com/d/forum/wamathai-book-club and then ask to join the group.