By Mwende Ngao

My descent to this world.
I kicked and screamed!
Defiance against my expulsion.
I am light but with darkness,
Now royalty relegated to slave.

My mind, a living control room
Where signals are sent out to the universe.
I received feedback. Once.
Then my stay here lulled me to a dreamless sleep
Where freedom is a right,
Slavery the reality.

Sleeping beauty awaits no prince.
I’ve awoken to paint
Liberating words with one hand
And slay with the other Jabberwockies
That freely roam the earth.

My living in this world.
I kick and scream.
Defiance against my exclusion.
Do not say I do not matter
That I’m merely a statistic
No strength or power
Because I am one. Alone.

How ridiculous for man to think he matters.
How ridiculous for him to think he does not.