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A tribute to Poet Adrienne Rich who died last week by Africa Alchemy.

And the day Adrienne Rich died this week was the same date Virginia Woolf walked across fields down to the bank of the River Ouse to drown herself on 28 March 1941.

Matt Cheney’s post on Adrienne Rich. We are all afflicted with wordlessness right now.

Adrienne Rich from her 1994 interview in The Progressive, mentioned by Cheney:

But there are such wonderful younger women writers coming along who are creating out of their anger, their fury, their sense of the world. Nothing’s going to stop that.

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Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story

Animal Farm is an animated film based on the memorable book of the same name by George Orwell. It was the first British animated feature released worldwide with the animals taking over their farm by means of a revolutionary coup, but then discovering that although all animals are supposed to be equal, some are more equal than others.