I vow to write you a poem every day of our lives
each word penned from the stars
with the moon as our fullstop.
I shall make your body a canvas
where we shall trace the image of God
and try achieve perfection with our fingertips.
Let us complete the jigsaw
that Aphrodite thus manifested
with the intertwining of our hands.
In your eyes I shall seek heaven
like Columbus i shall take the journey to the unknown
chatter my way through to the darkest corners of your heart
and like with Moses, God shall manifest a burning bush
to blaze a trail of love and passion
like the point where the river meets the seas.
I take thee
through sickness and in health
for richer and poor
I shall shrink the moon and fit it in your eyes
that it may glow eternally,
take each star from the night sky
for they shall never grow as bright as the windows to your soul.
In this garden of Eden
you are the apple of my eye
and in yours I shall seek wisdom and knowledge
unaware of the nakedness of our souls
you are my soul mate
and with thee i shall never hide
to cover with leaves of hypocrisy and unfaithfulness.
Let at swear at the altar
to love like God in John 3:16
let the 1st of Corinthians 13
be tattooed to our hearts
that love be patient and kind
never boastful.
With the 2 words recited
I do
take you as my wife
the missing rib in my bones
the true definition of Proverbs 31.

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