The morning seemed very skeptical,
There was the sun kissing the horizon and all,
Had I any idea about the great downfall,
I’d have done everything in my power to prevent the taking away of a dear soul.
The manifestation of this latency,
Was greater than the value of the greatest currency,
It takes one with a lot of courtesy,
To portray a message such as this with so much mercy.
The sunshine of my life,
The perpetual reason for me to be alive,
Looked intensely into my eyes and gave a sigh.
The ice surrounding my heart melted away,
And it was difficult for me to say,
How heavy the thick cloud raised above me lay.
The last moment we had together was dramatic and slow,
Though I tried to hide, I knew blessed are they who mourn,
I felt a sharp disillusion when I heard him groan,
Because i knew that his soul had flown.
It was time for courage to be gathered,
My feelings were all mixed up like fruits in a blender,
I felt myself grow as light as a feather,
For the person I had lost that day was my father.

© Chichi Onguru

(I wrote this when I was 16 and it was published in an international Anthology Young Writers – Great Minds From Around The Globe Vol II)