Africa Kills Her Sun – A story by Ken Saro-Wiwa
Father Tombana’s Virgin Statue – A story by Linda Musita
Variation On the Word Sleep – A Poem by Margaret Atwood
The Moon Sulks – A Poem by Olouch Madiang
Variations on a Theme – A poem by William Carlos Williams
Lamb to the Slaughter – A short story by Roald Dahl
Or – A Poem By Thomas Sayers Ellis
Politics and the English Language – An essay by George Orwell
Miracle – A story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Right Kind of Anger – An essay by Sally Kahiu
Two years, three weeks, four days – A story by Wanjeri Gakuru
Title unknown – A story by Noelle
Legalize me – A poem by Adelle
They Stuck A Feather In His Hat… And Poked His Eye – By Michael Onsando
Sex scandal – A story By Ian Arunga
Nairobi Blue – A Story By Ras mengesha
To become better at business, read more…novels – By Sunny Bindra
The Devil Loves Weddings– A story By Douglas waudo
Slippery Slope – A story by Cornellius Okello
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