Here are the top 10 most read posts this year:

1. Q&A Monday: Martha Karua

We were very fortunate to have Martha Karua feature in this column and she surprised and impressed me with her answers. She even answered when we asked her ‘What is the longest you have gone without a shower?’

2. WriteThinking: Plagiarism-masters of copy paste

This one, written by Jacque Ndinda, touched a lot of nerves but most of all it highlighted an issue that was on most bloggers’ minds and created conversations around it.

3. Words

A Poem by Cassandra Mwangi

“When hand holding was promise
And feelings were real
And were there to feel

Life was just beautiful.

Not tainted. Real.”

4. Birth In a cemetery

A Poem by Adele. It’s a contradiction of sorts.

“Through the silence,
Past it all – and I leave,
Filled with life inspired by death.”

5. Q&A Monday: @ArcherMishale

This veteran blogger & radio personality when asked which car he would like to be answered “A 1965 Shelby AC Cobra in black with silver double racing stripes.” Why? “Unique. Sexy. Powerful. Desirable. Expensive.”

6. Love

A Poem by Brian Kamara. You should bookmark this one & share it with someone you love.

7. WriteThinking:Language slain by an X

This one talked about how the ‘xaxa xema’ slang, popular with some young people, was destroying the English language.

8. The Passing of a Humming Bird – A Tribute To Prof. Wangari Muta Maathai

A poem by Mburu Kamau paying tribute to a fallen heroine. Rest in peace Wangari Maathai.

9. Q&A Monday: @Buggz79

This one is a favourite. When asked where he saw himself in 5 years, he replied ” As the lead singer of a rock band called ‘Download Complete’. Our chart topping single will be a collection of those dinging noises indicating acts of intellectual piracy are complete.”

10. Good African Women

It’s the only short story to make the list & it was written by Yvonne Mulandi. It highlights the plight of the African woman.