How is anyone ever going to take us seriously if we remain as divided as we are now? We have an association [Bloggers Association of Kenya] now but how many of us are members? The truth of the matter is that we don’t trust each other, we don’t support each other. We only come together when one of us is attacked or when something, that affects most of us, happens. In other words we react when we should be acting. We are our own worst enemies.

Most ad agencies & corporates do not understand or value us. We have ourselves to blame for this but we can change it. Life is about perception.

We need to rid ourselves of the notion that the media is against us just because some journalists do not like us and therefore attack us in their columns.  Also, just because a few journalists have plagiarized our work does not mean that they are all bad or culpable.

There are those that don’t want us to succeed. Leave them be, it is impossible to please everyone. It wouldn’t hurt however, if you threw mental rocks at them.

Our unity should be for the greater good and not just for better bargaining power with corporates and ad agencies for advertising monies.

Let’s support each other by commenting on each other’s blogs, sharing posts by others in our networks, reposting other bloggers’ work. Let’s grow together.