I have one of those days,
Those days where what I feel,
Compared to what I want to feel,
Refuse to be comparable,
Remain separate, different,
Yet still my feelings,
That I want to feel happy & perky,
But the opposite manifests its ugly self.

I have one of those days,
Where a blank look is my makeup,
And an upside down smiley face,
A reality my lips create,
They refuse to be cheered up,
By anything, including Autocorrects,
Yet they want to be all smiley,
Because that’s what the world asks for.

I have one of those days,
Writing mojo decided to become,
A stranger in my life for good,
I refuse for that to happen,
Yet he decided to sign the divorce papers,
And leave town, me high and dry,
Left me with blank slate,
Who for all he cares,
Would lift a finger on never day.

I have one of those days,
A day which drags on for hours,
Nearly feeling like a week,
A week full of 24 hours,
Yet I woke up late, cursing as usual,
And dragged myself out of bed,
The shower playing truant on me,
Fidgeting with soap bubbles,
Instead of cleaning me up.

I have one of those days,
But it’s finally over,
I can look forward to tomorrow,
Maybe tomorrow will be better,
She must wake up on the brighter side,
I can’t take another of those days,
Like today has been,
I refuse, nay, protest,
I demand a brighter tomorrow,
I’ll have none of those days.

© Barbra Jolie