This story has a chest
This chest a story
A double breasted story
Two perfect breasts
If two are better than one
What about none?
does zero suffice as even?

He had me at:
“Are those real?”
I smiled ;
As he marvelled
My real breasts would have slapped him down
But this pair lacked emotions,
the estrogen had found a new course
a dead course
A tourist from the west
fixated at my chest

This chest has a story
My silicon smile faded
Giving way for the twins
He spoke of the breast heaven
I pictured my former breasts
Perched on the holy sands
Sipping a pina colada
I wondered if they missed my chest

He called them lumps
The lumps that sent
my breasts on a long extended vacation
the lumps that
robbed me of the glands
that were to nourish my
unborn child
the lumps that
put me under the knife
and rid me of that saggy skin and stretch marks
I miss my leopard shaped stretch marks

I tried to make peace with these lumps
The very same lumps
That robbed me,you ,him,her ,them
Of a mother ,sister,girlfriend,wife,grandma
This chest has a story
So I will just walk away
take my silicon breasts and
while am at it thrown in a silicon prayer
for him

© adikinyi bwire