I come to you,
For you alone I trust, you alone I can ramble to,
You alone I lean on.
A lifetime has passed us by,
A great love we once shared.
A great friend you always were,
But now I have to leave.

The tears I’ve cried,
The hurt I endured and the joy I wished for,
Are now the past.
If I said I love you;
It would be no lie
But I know there is no us,
Just a ‘you and I’, separated by time.

The woman I am,
Is a reflection of what you made me;
A confident, strong woman,
A diamond in the making as you once said.
To love and love hard was what you said,
I did it, promised to be with you forever
But maybe my forever is over.
I choose to leave,
To love another that has my back.

© brenda angwenyi

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