Upon her last breath:
an unwinding path was engraved in the earth
Across hills and valleys
Dark streets and alleys
Mountain snow, Began to thaw
Ebbing rivers, ceased their flow
All life seemed to know
her breath had been drawn

Upon her last breath:
the weeping rock whose hands we’d never known
cupped them in supplication
notorious clouds surrounded the sun
brewed an angry storm
we almost drown in our tears
umbrellas couldn’t block our fears
yet the sun still shone on

Upon her last breath:
Orchard trees held on to ripe fruit
Defying gravity
world wonder? I wonder?
Golden wheat lost its lustre
ravenous cattle lay down in pasture
Ripe grain half burst
nature’s own half mast
In bidding farewell to a rare pearl

Upon her last breath:
She spoke!
In freedom, not tied to yoke
On they looked, utter shock
“Let me go”
Tough as rock
The string broke
her breath was drawn
She was gone
But your spirit still lives on,
Shine on, shine on, shine on!!!!

© adikinyi bwire