Whenever I meet her on the street
When her dove eyes meet mine
As they crush the softest part of my heart
I wonder loudly
What is it about her?

Whenever she smiles at me at the cafe
When the ice in my soul begins to melt
At the sight of her snow white teeth
I tremble at the thought of asking
What it is that she possesses.

Whenever I imagine her trim fingers sprawling my body
Crawling to the core of my manhood
Like they caress the wine glass at the beach bar
Where I now sit across the high stool
She is elegantly perched on.
I can feel spasms of passion spiraling down my spine.

Her brown thighs speckled with sand
Fresh from the beach
Swim suit tightly clinging to her wet body
Emphasizing further her baby guard breasts
A blend of sweat and sea water
Glitters on her round dimpled tomato cheeks.

As if by accident our eyes meet in a flash
She smiles, her full lips massaging the brim, winks at me
Waving her slim fingers romantically
I lost in a frenzy of excitement and fear
Shy off in cowardly gesture
She shakes her head in a disapproving frown.

Now she disembarks from the stool
Comes and leans behind me
Her soft bust sponging my brain
She prosaically murmurs
”What is it about me boy, that scares you crazy?”
Long before I can answer she walks off
Her pumpkin bottoms titillating behind her
Leaving me foolishly ashamed.

© simon njoroge |blog|