When she was cheating on you
It was because of me, attention I gave better

When you found out and confronted her
I told her to hide her concern and be unapologetic

When she was leaving you for me
Or so you thought, I had brain washed her thoroughly

When she was starting to have problems
Her life shuttering, going down the drain, full of pain
I had walked out on her

When she discovered I was ‘cheating’
It was a new relationship I had started
A new lady I had a future with

When she ‘caught me with another girl’
It was a set up, my final straw to let her go

When she left to come back to you
We were not on speaking terms
Someone had mentioned to her
You were getting married

I am sorry I have messed up our friendship
But truth be told you are marrying my wife.

© laconics

*This poem is a response to this one here