As I stand on top of this
I can’t help but admire what I see.
The lush green lands far beyond.
The crimson sunset at the horizon.
A soft breeze caresses my cheeks as the wind
Gently whispers in my ears.
At the edge of the cliff below,
The water is crystal clear.
It reflects the sky; it is so beautiful and peaceful.

But am not here for the beauty, my love
I am here for the pain that is tearing at my soul.
I am here to reminisce of our love.
This is the very place, the genesis of our love.
The place I discovered the joy of loving,
The passion that flows.
The long passionate night we spent here in each other’s arms.
Our rendezvous point.

But love is replaced by pain and hurt.
I am filled with regret…
Regret for loving you and giving you all of me.

Hmmmm, it is so peaceful here,
The water looks so calm,
I want to be that peaceful.
My heart desires to be at peace.
I seek peace at this place I discovered love
I am going to end it and find peace.

© sonnia gitome