Teach me how to love again,
teach me how to smile when
it’s all you can do
as time passes through.

This vortex of depression is killing me
be still my soul, is all i can think of to reassure me
neglected,dejected and i still hold on
to these breakable chains u said will never let me fall.

u promised to be here,
My heart, Locked behind your bars,
You stab at my wounds again.
Prying at my scars,
Your picking me apart within.

My hands held loose,
You take advantage of my pain,
And your heart took to abuse,
As you left me out in the rain.

I slip and fall to the ground,
As I reach out for your hand,
But you only watch me drown,
Looking down at me as you stand.

Away you walk with a smile,
Ignoring my pleading words spoken.
Between us you put miles,
As you forever leave me broken…

You were my day-breaker,
you illuminated my life,
now u bring darkness when my head turns to the light
i love you, but i don’t.

See you when my memory lasts forever……..

© melissa malala 2009