Today is the day
The day victim to aids
The day fueled by hate
Divided by race
This is the case
For this earth
This broken vase
Let this day be remembered
As the day this took place
Our children refused to embrace
The day our women were raped
This is the day we blow into outer space
The day millions are displaced
This is the moment
Nuclear smoke clouds the skies
As nuclear fires shower our eyes with cries
The day we all search our minds in search of answers
The day we all wish for nightmares
So we could wake and our lives would be spared
Today is the day
Today is the day
The day a christian looses his faith
And the atheist prays
The day were all enslaved by own ways
The day we face the consequences
This is the day we meet our fate
The day we’re destroyed by our own knowledge
The day bodies fall like autumn foliage
This is the effect of our intelligence
Yes I speak of the guns, the grenades, the bullets
Today is the day we understand
That mans greatest invention
His finest creation
Its his ability To destroy his nations
The day he acquires world domination
Today is the day
Today is too late
Its too late to repent
Its too late to demand an end to arms
Its too late
Our children are gone
Our world is torn
Its too late to relate to one another
To call you brother
This world is shattered
Its too late to create
A world without hate
How do you rise from such state
Today is the day
Today is too late

© George Wacu