I can’t believe it’s been this long…


Writing hundreds of job application letters,
So far I’ve managed only one regret letter from the addressees.
Answering every unknown call hoping it’s one of the prospective employers,
Only to discover it’s a friend using his/her new yu line… curses!
Sending countless sms’s to game shows trying to win the alluring rewards,
But all I get are computer generated congratulatory messages for playing.
Registering accounts on various social sites to reduce boredom,
Hanging out at the jobless corner with the crack heads


Heavier, coz all I do is eat and watch TV all day,
Setting high scores at every game I play,
Socially challenged, coz all I do is tweet,
Broke, coz my parents won’t give me an allowance
Single, coz my gal wants a guy who is financially secure
Another of the many Kenyans who have lost faith in the system,
A believer that 8-4-4 is truly zero