Your death draws near
And my heart brims with fear
My lips sing a song of pleas
Beseeching your smothering touch
Live and last oh night!
Shield me from the dawn;
The morning that shrivels my dream
Tearing its life, hurling me into strife,
Cuddle me in your black cradle
Where the warmth of my folly
Fuels the fire of my vanity,
Adorn my heart with abandon
For light makes me forlorn
When this baby; my dream
From its dam is cruelly cut
Let the silence you exude last
Calming this febrile soul,
I bawl for your mystic healing
As in your dark warmth I glory
Away from the pain of day
Afar from broken hopes;

Shroud me and live long
My lovely night, my knight.

© chrispus kimaru (His Work)