He knows how to fix this here car,
Make it ride at 120k/hr or
Faster depending on my fancy.
When the oil is low he knows how to make it fill up again,
And he knows how to make the tires inflate.
When I need a tune up,
He never disappoints, always there to answer my call.
He knows how to work this car,
Make the engine purr like a Subaru.
He knows when to brake or accelerate.
This mechanic understands my car needs hydraulics,
He knows how to make this car spring up and down
As he sorts out the problems.
My mechanic knows how my car likes to be treated,
Because he can diagnose the problem
And get me up and running smoothly.
This mechanic he loves my car,
Because when he’s done,
He likes to give it a wash,
He washes it down gently,
With soap, water and a lot of love.
Hurray for my mechanic!
He knows how to use his tools,
Whether it’s his hands, fingers or power tools.
My mechanic makes my car go vroom, vroom, vroom!
Hurray for my mechanic,
He knows how to treat this here car.

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