The word says praise God through your trials, rejoice brethren when trials come your way James says…

Dance in the rain of your storms
Dance until the beats of your trial no longer trample your praise but raise it even higher
Dance in the rain of your tears until your morning of joy arrives
Dance in the rain of His grace as He carries you through your pain
Dance in the rain of His love lavished upon you at every waking
Dance in the rain even when you feel like your drowning
Dance dance dance
Dance in the rain of His mercy when you walk away time and again
Dance until your enemy is defeated and victory is yours to seize
Dance in your father’s arms~always there to embrace you after you fall
Dance the eternal dance~come rain come sunshine come whatever
Dance always, praise without ceasing pursue Him relentlessly
Dance your battle against your enemy~let prayer be the beat in your dance
May the rain strengthen you to believe and trust in the God you serve
May the pain you have been through be the anchor of your faith
May Jesus carry you in the storms of life, Dance in the rain…

© sharon langat