Sixteen men
In a dead-man’s chest,
Devils love
And beggars wealth,
blind man’s vision
and a fools wisdom,
matrimony at a funeral
and love on a tombstone,
Peace at crossroads
and hate at home,
Light under the lamp
and death in heaven,
Salvage fear
and abandon hope,
Pour the water
and fill the jars with beer,
Let’s forget care
and be free like the rising sun.
Mouth of darkness
Teeth of stone
Down the throat to
The belly of gold,
Guarded by those who
Never grew old
Let’s steal from the poor
and feast with the rich,
May angels and demons
Bring forth a son,
Let the world empty love
and fill with death,
gather around the fire
and listen as dead men
Tell tales of ogres.
Let everyone hum
and break the calmness of the sea.
May the heavens turn cold
and departed souls get lost,
Let the mute praise
While we get drunk to a stupor.
Don’t look surprised friend,
After all, this is how you live your life,
Assuming care only when in danger

© Mwangi Njoroge