This is where I do me. It is where I hide to be seen. It is my private public space. It is where I walk around crack-naked without worry, where I eat my pasta from a glass of water and not worry what the walls will think. In an article that has been published before in this column, I touched lightly on some of the reasons why a good number of us run blogs, why we write. Some of us do so because we are vain and writing offers us a chance to converse with our vanity. It is the only way we know how to hone morality and immorality. It cures our madness, our depression; it fills spaces where sleep has deserted by connecting a day to another. It is “a desire to seem clever or not, for fame, to be remembered after death”. We do because we have pens and muted voices. With our incapacities and our knacks, we asked you to let us be. We waged a war with the Journalists, a war that eventually seems to have taken a road down the ego way.

It saddens me however that the war has moved from Journalists versus Bloggers and has taken a different route. It actually is sad that there was a war in the first place. Blogs are slowly becoming a weapon for the heart of the enemy. Missiles are flying from the hearts of a blog to another. Irresponsible blogging is what I would call it. A few months ago, a certain blog published pictures of students from USIU with very unsettling information on the said students just because the blogger did not like them. The epitome of idleness. The very peak of babyhood. Weeks later, sites were rolling with repulsive pictures of naked people, some in the very minute of coitus; from Nyeri to Muliro garden. You can say that I am suffocating in my moral uprightness, which I probably am not, but I am not in support of this kind of blogging that has lost its due diligence. You, of course, are entitled to think otherwise of the whole matter at hand.

I understand that traffic in blogging is as important as acing an exam or nailing that presentation. However, the depths to which bloggers are going to fetch that traffic is highly distressing. People are slowly becoming scavengers of dirt, burying their beaks deep under to fish out the best of filth.

I believe anyone old enough to open a blog is someone of a measurable degree of sanity and intellect if not all. To use that platform for slander, whether your claims are true or false speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. As Mukoma wa Ngugi once said, we all must know that if people like Steve Biko died so that we could write all that we liked, then our pens cannot and should not become the weapon that justifies the torture and murder of others. What is the purpose of owning a blog if all you do is bring down others or destroy their career by the shutter of a camera of the publish button? How unfeeling can a writer be!

In every word that is put up in a blog, in every sentence, there is supposed to be a purpose, a reason for it. When we say that blogging is a free field, we forget that we are accountable to our readers, and our words are responsibilities we carry on our shoulders even after we write them. So how much dirt do you have saddled on your back? These words that you carry, what do they speak about you? Can you take responsibility ? How many people have lost their jobs because of your words? How many have been wounded because of your staggering words?

A blog is not a weapon. It is not a place where I am supposed to run every time someone gets me worked up to unearth the grime on them. There has to be other ways to vent. I believe this kind of defamation can even result in a lawsuit against a blogger. No?

Let us learn how to be diligent with our words.