You don’t know me
My name you know not what it is
You don’t know where I’ve been
Or what it is that I have seen
The hurt I have been in
All you can do is read the lines on my face
Yes, judge this book by its cover
And I don’t mind
Because I wear each and every one of these lines with pride

Each one of these lines tells a unique story
For you maybe gory
But mine all the same, telling all of my glory
Of the day I had none to eat
Nay, of the days I had none to eat
Of the days my husband came home in a stupor and beat me and mine within an inch of our lives
Of the days he forced himself on me
Of the days I was faithless, because I was convinced there was no God!
Of the days I cried myself to sleep
Of the days my children stared at me, their eyes deadened

Then finally my day had come
My oppressor taken swiftly and I did not ask how come
There was hope, of which I had constantly sought and never got
Or maybe not
My oppressor, reincarnate
His brother came and took his place as if never had he left
And once again, my story it has no end
Of the days my life it seemed had no meaning
Of the days I looked back at my children and realised the fight was not over
Of the days I was powerless to control my destiny
This cannot be so, enough is enough!

Of the day I decided I would change this story
Of the day I knew I did this all for my children, I needed to change their story
With these thoughts in mind I did not flinch as I slit his neck with the kitchen knife
Not a tear stained my cheek
Not a scream escaped my throat
Not a shudder shook my body as I thought of what I had done
But a slightly crazed smile, my face it wore
As I thought ‘today is the day, my life it begins!

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