She likes. No, loves to set fires,
To set ablaze the desires of men.
She feeds on desire, it makes her feel powerful.
The want she creates in men when she flirts, teases
Or seduces a man with her body is an aphrodisiac for her.
It’s not the sex she loves or craves,
It’s the power to turn those men into her slaves.

She is like a witch,
Bewitching men with her body,
Her body becomes a spell when she offers herself up as a sacrifice to her lover.
Once tasted, desire and desperation to taste again ignites and he is bound.
She plays body games, mind games, sexual games,
Dancing such moves that she leaves the competition lagging,
Struggling to understand what she gives those men,
That makes them stick like glue.
She just laughs,
Because her secrets only she and Victoria know.

She is a sexual vixen, a goddess worshiped by many,
A vampire that feeds on lust.
Sexy scandalous is her trademark.
She is Siren.

© rayhab wangari | blog|twitter|