What do you see when you look at me,
Is it my ant waist that you wish to clasp your hands around?
Is it my berry brown eyes that you stare at and get lost in?
Is it my round booty that you so desire to squeeze?
Is it my pearl white teeth, hidden by my warm full lips that you long to kiss?
Is it my long ebony hair that you would like to run your fingers through?
Is it my chocolate dark skin, that you fantasize rubbing?
Is it my curvaceous frame, that you so long to caress?
I beg to disagree and tell you what i see..
I see a woman who deserves a proper education, a learned woman,
I see a woman with big dreams and goals,
I see a woman who does not deserve the cut,
I see a woman who is free to express herself,
I see a woman without a price tag,
I see a woman whose opinions are valued,
I see a woman who could be a great leader, a legend,
I see a woman with a choice,
I see a woman, whose beauty overflows from the inside to out,

Now what do you see?

© June Njoroge

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