i yearned for it
prayed for it
finally got it and now..
on the verge of wasting it
losing it then cry for it
see i’m high on this
i’m hooked on it
no rehab needed
i need it so bad
it defines me
i live it everyday
it’s engulfed me
enveloped me
doomed me
sent me reeling
with no hope for redemption
really no need for it
i’d be empty without it
now that’s just it talking
but it lies not
it knows me
has courted and wooed me
let me sniff it
and now bask in it
drown and lose myself in it
yet again. redemption i yearn not…
accept my fate..
i give in to it
let it whisk me to lands untrodden
sing songs unwritten
harmonies too sacred
only angels hum ’em
scream in ways only demons know
my wonderdrug.
Stay by me..
longer than forever
for eternities so infinite..
fan the flame..
from your side
me do not banish
in your arms i long to live
live and die
die and live again
but only in your heart
eternally intoxicate.

© vickie zosi |blog| twitter|