I stopped writing for awhile, I don’t know why…..Maybe I do. I got so
caught up in life, my failings, disappointments, ups and downs that I
tended to question myself, my gifts, my beliefs, my being, that I
started to doubt myself; my pen, my sword, my heart, my being. I
questioned why I was born with this gift? maybe it’s for a Pulitzer or
maybe my words will impact a life one day. I thought.

As I begun to ask myself and think will you write when no one is
looking? Will you play that amazing key? Will you sing and dance in
the shower like no one is watching? Crack that joke that you know, no
one will find funny and laugh by yourself?

Why do we tend to focus too much on the destination that none of us
enjoys the journey, the pitfalls, the mistakes, the victory, the
celebration because the truth we all don’t know, we can’t answer why?
we are born to answer a question that we didn’t ask…., so I write not
knowing, you sing not knowing, you paint, you make music, you
run….someone once told me that “God makes kings when no one is
watching” I have never forgotten that statement. Make your mistakes in private and learn! don’t run to the public to be crucified. All you
are is learning your craft, your identity, your person and your gift
shall place you in front of kings and queens.

I believe we were all created to be great and what is in our hands,
our gifts is all we need, quite basically we are cooler than a

At times I really don’t have much to write really and all I can write
is God is Love.

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