I was never one of those girls who dreamed of fairytale weddings. The thought of being a blushing bride, centre of attention makes me quiver.

Being a best maid or a brides maid does not tickle my fancy either, walking down that isle and seating at the high table is not my cup of tea. (Yes, I am kinda shy). Basically marriage has never been part of my grand life plans. I used to say that I will never get married, and in response, everyone used to say that I would be the first to jump the broom. I had to change my mind set, just to shut everyone up. As a result, I gave in, but declared that if I was to get married I would do so at the age of 38.

I am not a firm believer in marriage because this is a constitution which has really been broken and abused by our generation. This is one phase of my life I would rather prolong as much as possible.

The older generation can be used as stellar examples of people who have tried to adhere to the sanctity of marriage. I am sure many of our parents have already celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and have been together for even longer. But that was then, times have changed now.

Divorce is currently very rampant in our society. I keep saying that if I was married, I would want it to last forever, but in this day and age, forever is just one of Chris Browns greatest hits…. Nothing lasts forever.

I think people rush into marriage for unwarranted reasons. Maybe they deem it as the next phase that their relationship should transition into in order to get out of a slump, others succumb to pressure from all walks of life. A lot of entrapment has been going on as well, which is very unfortunate since innocent children are involved. In this day and age, I do not think you have to get married to raise a child. If you do not truly love each other, the child will not suddenly create those emotions.

I also think that if you realize you are not really the commitment type, do not bother getting married, because that tendency will not just disappear, unless you work really hard at it.

I have always wanted to ask married or engaged men what made them pop the question. I always make it a habit to observe grooms at weddings before they read their vows to look out for any signs of fear or regret. To be honest, I have not witnessed any of those signs to date.

The whole world has been talking about the death of Samuel Wanjiru and the whole drama surrounding his death and the many women in his life. He got married at just 20 years old, and his marriage was marred with so much drama till it eventually escalated and led to his death.

Following his demise some women have come out and declared they were also his wives and have bared his children, others spoke out about how they had had relations with him. What did people expect? He was a healthy and very rich 24 year old man, who never really got to play the field since he got married so early. Of course he is another classic example of ‘The more money you make, the more problems you get.’ But that is a story for another day.

I am very skeptical about marriage, but I hope one day the right person will come along who will change my mind about it.
Be absolutely sure that you have made the right decision before you decide to tie the knot. You work extremely hard to make that marriage work because you are vowing to be in it for better or for worse.

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