Through the vagueness of death
Across the vacuity of the end
From the depths unfathomable
Stretch its rosy feelers,
To comfort hearts bereft
To thaw blood frozen
By the sting that is loss
By the scar of loneliness?

Can love,
When gloss turns to dross
When the stout turns to stoop
And the gleam turns to gloom
Can love turn back the hours
Moulding the cracks into sparkles
Halting the heart’s shattering
Bringing the days of yore?

Can love,
In the tumult of our days
Amidst the avarice of our leaders
Can love mend our broken hopes
Filling our days with laughter
Like our fathers long gone
Can love swim in this sodden pond
To stoke these dying fires
Making lips join the lyre?
Can love…

© chrispus kimaru