Imagine being so hungry and because you have nothing to cook you slaughter and then eat cats. This is what some IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons) in Gwakung’u IDP camp in Ndaragwa constituency did (Read the Full story here). I was astonished when i heard about the story, i mean they were eating CATS. Shouldn’t the government be providing them with relief food? A person must be in a very dire state to do something like that and they were.

I was wondering how i could help and i found out on twitter that Mercy Murugi was organizing a food drive. She plans to collect food to feed them for at least 5 months and within the 1st month she will work with them to find ways to create a sustainable food source so that they NEVER have to eat cats again.

You can become part of her food drive by collecting food (dry foods are best) from family, friends, supermarkets, etc and she will take it to the IDP’s in Ndaragwa on Sunday the 22nd of May.

The food can be dropped at these locations:

1. Resolution Health Offices – courtesy of Peter Nduati

a) Roshanmaer Place, Lenana Road
Pilot Line: +254 20 2894 000, +254 20 3874 774
Mobile: +254 722 200 025, +254 734 600 886

b) K-REP Plaza, Second Floor, Wood Avenue, Kilimani
Pilot Line: +254 20 3994 000

c)Bandari Plaza, Mezzaninne 3, Woodvale Grove, Westlands
Tel: +254 20 444 2893/4

2. Hot Sun Foundation
Olympic- Kibera
Tel: +254 20 251 6904 / 9
Less than 15 minutes from Nakumatt Prestige [See Map here]

You can also MPESA your donation to 0716 618 188.

If you want to volunteer your home/office as a drop off point, email and if you want to drive with Mercy to Ndaragwa to deliver the food collected use the same email to contact her.

Kindly spread the word about this worthy cause [Twitter hashtag is #foodforndaragwa and check out the facebook event page here ]