These streets whence she came from,
back to these streets she brought forth.
Neither by choice nor planned,
For in honesty through her confession
she had fallen short.
Questions lingered, over what significance this had.
Would this be her turning point?
Did this bring any hope with it?
Or was it the ultimate curse for her actions?

Many men she had seen, many men she had laid;to rest!
Thus to many women, she brought tears to their eyes.
And to why some people tread on this soil,
that to her would forever remain a riddle
For not all have the liberty and decide destiny.

For she knew no other life other these streets,
other than these needles and drugs;
desperate hobos in rags, homes of rubble and shacks,
she brought her up by these ways,
showed her around and to roll up jays.
Showed her to shake what she gave her
And allowed her boyfriend do to her what they did together.
A sad story I cannot continue altogether,
because at 16 last year, she took her life in September!

© john kinoti