There is no heaven
for a black man,
no resting stool
for the africana,

the powerful few
vomit on the rule of law,
manipulate justice
to fill their obese stomachs,

tribalism has become
the mirror to judge
the qualified man for that job,
as you and your degree die unknown,

there is no peace
for these foolish Kenyans,
ready to burn, ready to kill
because some pig said so,

they have coffee parties,
laugh at their fundraisings
as they trade abuses in the
evening news.

They have become small gods,
Untouchable brats,
Claiming its us who hate
Each other: the neighbour next door?

We’ve longed leave in peace
But for your satisfaction
You stir hate, utilise the poverty
And put as to be murderers.

Am talking about this learned idiots,
Who dress smartly to cover their stupidity!
Always shouting they are Kenyans
Bickering like wood peckers

There is no paradise
For the simple Kenyan,
Just stickers reading “najivunia kuwa mkenya”
Yet the truth is that “navumilia kuwa mkenya”

© Mwangi Njoroge |blog|twitter|