I gave you my all, my love my life my time
Laid down my life for you
Opened up my heart to you
I gave you my strength, my hopes my dreams
Made plans that we would be
Forever you a part of me
I gave you mind, my every thought
Showed you my flaws
And you showed me your claws

You say I’m a kid, though I loved you like I did
You said you loved me so
I sure don’t think so
You said it was a phase of life
Dating girls, you remember you did?
You said you experimented and you are over that
And would want to make our family know
Not later but rather now

Now you dating her
The lady I told you was breaking us up
Kissing her in public
Making me feel crap
Saying I’m psychotic
That I am assuming a lot
That I am the cause of the break up
Yet you never gave me time
You were always busy
I can only guess doing what
You always had arguments
Two days we fought over what I didn’t say?

I now lay my love to rest
Burying her with a silver chest
Leaving my heart beating in slow motion
As I analyze my distorted emotions
I have to get out of this stronger than I came in
I have to let me be a man worth a play with
I have to rebuild my heart,
That heart housing me within
I have to renovate my thoughts
Make me glow
Make me flow
I am getting me back!!!

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