I grew up looking up to him
Knowing that for me to survive it would be up to him
Took examples of how life had been tough to him
Drew strength from how every pain was a buff to him

And by buff, I mean buffer
How by every challenge he got tougher
Every blow designed to make him suffer
And for every hand dealt, he had the upper

And by upper I mean higher
I have seen this man make good from ire
Like iron, his will getting stronger by fire
This man, by whose seed I was sired

And by sired I mean born
Brought forth of breath, flesh and bone
Edging toward death as every minute declares a youth gone
This man by which my future is sown

By sown I mean pieced
This man whose will I have appeased
Whose same will by my hand is released
This being without whom I would be deceased

By which I mean dead
Less valuable than a crumb of bread
This man whose features adorn my head
This greatness and the path it has led

And by led I mean paced
Fire and brimstone this man has faced
Each muscle experience-laced
Lips taught by lessons of blood and its taste

And by taste I mean tongue
Each battle won – fresh breath to the lung
His word a bullet for my gun
He who sees clouds that I may see the sun

And by sun I mean light
By his ways I desire to do right
By all ways I shall draw might
All opposition to him I shall smite

By which I mean oppose
Each rhyme and each prose
A touch of greatness in each dose
To this might, I strive to be close

Close – not by region
Like a monk unto his religion
Than the silk on a model’s bod
This man I have made my god

© jemedari |twitter|