I have a boyfriend… yeah; this girl with an ego from here to Kakamega has a boyfriend;
I think he has more promises than the ones in the Promised Land;
He can help me globe-trot in seconds,
He can enable communication in a snap,
He can send money faster than Western Union,
His text deliveries are instant like latte macchiato,
He says he’s the better option…

Then there’s this guy, oh he changes his name so frequently… call him Mr. Identity Crisis;
He says he’s Gorgeous, Generous and Gigantic, he could give me all that 3G and more… but he’s living on the EDGE.
He’s not as expensive, not that I’m an extravagant lady but…
He has opened up my world and made the global village a reality.
He says his… is a better world.

Then there’s this Orange
His offers are so sweet, like you’d expect;
Oh baby call with 100 shillings a month;
Honey I could give you data in twin bundles of joy;
Babes I’ll give you bonus air time for hanging with me;
Am I ready to be move in with him? Hmmm…

Then YU… I see YU… I have got my eyes on YU;
The most silent of them all, but;
Everything YU give is almost free;
Shangazi says “Vitu vya bure havifanikishi’,
That can go up in a puff of smoke for all I care;
So, YU and me… we can do a lot.

I hate to think I’m cheating on my boyfriend;
Anything good… is worth waiting for so… boyfriend, I’ll be right back!
Oh… mobile telephone woes!

©mumbi gathecha |twitter|