Letting you go is hard
It’s harder than i thought
I knew deep inside me
That one day we would part

I didn’t think of it much
It didn’t occur to me
That it would be so soon
That i would let you go

This is so hard
I’m not ready, at all
I don’t want to let you go
I don’t think i can

But i can’t let you know
How much i need you
How much i love you
How hard it is for me

To watch you sail away
In the name of
Greener pastures on the other side
As i am left behind

What’s wrong with the grass
On this side of the fence
Where i am and so are you
Do you really have to go?

As i watch you packing
I want to throw your luggage
Out through the window
Just to stop you from leaving

You have asked me to help
But i can’t, i’m too weak
From trying to be strong
And watching you leave

I am trying hard, so hard
Not to make this hard
Harder than it has to be
As i watch you prepare

I can’t stand this any more
My heart can bear no more
Letting you go is killing me
In more ways than one

As you take your leave
So shall i take mine
This home we built together
Is incomplete without you

As much as it is killing me
Tearing a part of my world apart
With a prayer for your return
I do what is right, good bye.

© bridget mutua